Honours Band Fees

Fees for Grade 9 Honours Band participants are due. The $80 can be paid in cash or by cheque (made out to “Stonepark”).

Permission forms will be sent home with Honours Band students as they will be attending a sectional day at Birchwood School on Thursday, January 9, 2020. Transportation to and from Birchwood will be by taxi cab.

Christmas Concert Information

Only two more days until our Christmas Concert! The musicians and I are excited to share our program of classic holiday music with you!

On Wednesday, December 11, students, family and friends are to enter the school through the main doors. Band students are to arrive at the school between 6:15-6:25, dressed in uniform and are to proceed to the band room.

The concert will begin at 7:00 pm. Admission is by donation.

Grade 8 Early Morning Band on MONDAY, December 9.

To avoid fatiguing the Grade 8 students on the day of the Christmas Concert, their regularly scheduled Wednesday early morning rehearsal will be moved to MONDAY, December 9.

Remember to check that your child has all the required uniform items (and that they still fit from last year). Please click on the “Uniform” tab at the top of the band blog page.

The Great George Street Brass Band Concert

On Monday, December 9 at 7:00 pm, The Great George Street Brass Band will be performing a concert at The Mount. The concert will also feature Tuba Christmas and The Great George Street Barbershop Quartet. Admission by donation. These ensembles are comprised of very fine brass players from PEI – many whom are current and retired music teachers. If you are a brass musician I strongly encourage you to attend this concert; you will be inspired!

Stonepark band students who wish to attend, can meet me in the lobby at 6:45 that evening and we will sit together as a group.

Please refer to the following notes about being a responsible audience member:

  • Be respectful! Cell phones are to be turned off to make sure the audience members and musicians are not distracted from the music-making. Show respect for the musicians’ time and energy spent on learning the concert music by sitting quietly during the performance.
  • Be discreet! If you need to use the washroom, exit the theatre quietly between music selections.
  • Be grateful! You can show your appreciation for the music at the very end of the selection.