Percussion Auditions

Percussion auditions are typically held for interested grade 7 students in April or May. Due to the important and unique role each percussionist performs in the band, students who wish to be percussionists must be able to commit to attending all rehearsals and concerts.Students who will prioritize other activities (hockey, cadets, etc.) over band concerts should not apply for percussion spots.

Students are asked to prepare a scale and/or a technique study on their current instrument for their audition. Auditions are performed in a one-on-one setting outside of class time and I evaluate each part of the audition based on note accuracy, rhythm and beat and articulation. Students are also asked to perform first year rhythms on a simple percussion instrument (tambourine or wood block) and to read a beginning level snare drum part.

Piano background is considered an asset, as all percussion students are required to play mallet instruments.

The students’ band marks and band rehearsal attendance will also be considered.

Each year 4-6 grade 7 band students are selected to play percussion instruments and it is not unusual for 15 or more students to audition for this limited number of positions.

Students may set up a time to meet with me following auditions if they would like to review their rubrics.

2018 Percussion Audition Requirements

  1. Please come prepared to play Bb concert scale and Ab Concert Scale
  2. Please familiarize yourself with the rhythm studies at the back of the red Standard of Excellence book.
  3. You will also be asked to sight-read a line of percussion music.

All percussion students are required to attend Band Camp.