Saxophone and Bass Clarinet Auditions

Students are required to prepare a scale and a technique study for their audition. Students will be given a first year exercise to sight-read.  Auditions are performed in a one-on-one setting outside of class time and I evaluate each part of the audition based on tone quality, rhythm and beat, articulation, note accuracy, tempo, posture, holding position and breath support. The students’ band marks and band rehearsal attendance will also be considered.

Students may set up a time to meet with me if they would like to review their rubrics following auditions.

All saxophone students are required to attend extra rehearsals, and will be asked to demonstrate scales and repertoire on the saxophone before they are asked to begin to play their new instruments in the concert band.  They will continue to participate in band classes and rehearsals on their first instruments until that time. Saxophone students will also be enrolled in Jazz Band